Saturday, 4 June 2011

Flaming White Knights -Because there are no dragons around to do it for me.

Now that Jess has made another post I can happily move onto other less ass-kissy topics. But I'm not going back to my usual political commentary without giving the white knights/dirty old men that post on Jess's blog a dishonorable mention.

At the same time though I would like to thank all of Jess's much nicer followers who have happily had a good look at my blog and commented and/or followed me. You are awesome.

Let's start shall we?

Right off the bat we see Classic George is keeping things classy by redirecting the attention to himself. Yes that's right folks, I am not the real gman, I am an imposter! Classic George is the real gman who Jess speaks so fondly of.

Mercurio soon pipes in with a double edged comment. Something I am also guilty of. On the surface the comment seems quite harmless but underneath it screams "JESS HAS SMALL TITS, ALSO ALEX IS BAAAAAAAD AT PHOTOSHOPPING TITS!!!!!" but hey its a nice pic right?

Al Penwasser. I know EXACTLY how you feel. Which is why I am putting up this link to a lesbian's blog:

Now you can go on an erotic rollercoaster that just keeps getting higher and higher! No penis's and no studs, just female anatomy.

Now for the more idiotic comments:

Firstly, Bart, I am RIGHT HERE! Jess even gave you a LINK to my blog. all you had to do was click it and voila, here is the sexual beast.

And of course Ross replies with a humble "TITS or GTFO". Fair enough.

Well Slyde, I am flattered that a post about ME made you so damn horny.

Banacek obviously didn't click the link, just like the other 90% of readers.

And a Beer for the Shower has had way too much to drink if he thinks he can violate blogging etiquette and shamelessly promote his blog using someone else's blog (as opposed to what I am doing :P).

I ruv u too Greg.

And as you can see, Thorfan is a man of modesty.

Apart from those main offenders, the comments consist of people blindly saying how awesome the post is without fully reading it and looking at my blog.

...and of course the lovely AWESOME people who DID click on the link and DID read both hers and my post.

Oh and before I finish up, GOTIS stands for Girl On The Internet Syndrome, you can find it's description here:

I hope that answers your question Todd.

Next post I think will be a War post.
Either a famous battle, general, war or implement of war...
Let me know what you guys feel like.


  1. haha thanks for the clarification of GOTIS

  2. ...I can't stand reading those comments, most of them just make me feel bad for humanity. Gregory Miller gets points for class though.

    At any rate, talk about the war of the three kindgoms period of china! Hurrrrrrrrrrr

  3. I can smell some epic trolling going on.

  4. cool little blog you got here

  5. yeah epic troll on the rise ahahah

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  7. GOTIS, its all clear to me now. haha

    I'm gonna need to get a web cam if I'm ever to compete w/ these ladies.

  8. GOTIS should be a documented medical condition.

  9. I read this, and i don't know wtf I read.

  10. I'm on your blog, looking at your shtuff. *looks around, poops on floor* *runs* Nice blog.

  11. Cool blog, pal! followed, MC-hammer style!!!

  12. lol people on the web *rolls eyes*