Friday, 2 December 2011


So if you are wondering where I have been for the last few weeks... It's all because of skyrim.
Hell even when they introduced a new patch that rendered half my armor obsolete, I didn't stop playing, I just told my lesbian lover to stay at home while I reforged some new overpowered dresses of doom.

Unfortunately this is not me. I guess I am just too much of a sucker for adventuring and killing dragons.
I should also mention that although I have always advocated certain games for being quite beneficial in creating real life transferable skills, Skyrim, alas, is not one of those games. Skyrim is a complete waste of time. An utter indulgence. You could be out there in the real world, making new (girl)friends and making bucketloads of cash but instead you are sitting in front of your computer with a grin on your face as wide as the 24inch screen your gazing into.

As such I have barely been able to force myself to continue to attend to social engagements and play some starcraft to fend off any possibility of my brain atrophying completely..

Unfortunately the former activity backfired somewhat. At my christmas work function, I immediately went into social chameleon mode and happily chattered away with bean counters and people from completely irrelevant departments until my own colleagues finally rescued me and my social apathy was allowed to run free without consequence.

That is until my 15th refill of wine came round. The waitress just kept giving me refills and I have a problem saying no. Luckily everyone else was suffering the same fate. It was quite hilarious seeing my boss drunkenly waltz around the makeshift dancefloor. Despite (or perhaps because of) the feelings that I fit in, I did end up grinding a colleague and performing a bit of mild flirtation. I didn't say much. I thought it had worked when I recieved smiles and intrigue in return.

Nevertheless I caught a cab home with just me and a bro without the aforementioned ho. I can't help wondering now if I played it too risky or too safe... Actually I probably shouldn't "shit where I eat" in the first place, but fuck it, I'm not going to be working here for that much longer anyway.

PS: Next post I'm doing up another sc2 story.


  1. well, in a way games can be considered a waste of time, not just this one but all of them, but they are also entertaining and keep your mind busy instead of thinking about things you shouldnt or dont want to think about

  2. I'm so sad D: I don't have Skyrim yet!

  3. Such an amazing game! :D Facebook Twitter