Friday, 18 February 2011

Definitely not another boring read...

Thanks to everyone who is following my blog. It doesn't cover the nicest topics and it's a very young blog as it is.
 So here I present you a bit of a lighter and more enlightening read which I prepared earlier: A poem I wrote about a year ago about humanity and our impact on nature and nature's impact on us.

 Technically it comes under the "Politics" categoory of the blog. So here goes...

A Brief History of Humanity

born at the brink,
and brought from the brink,
from the verge of extinction,
to our own valediction

it started in an age long past,
our numbers were few and our enemy vast

Our foe, she threw,
beasts anew
onto our few
to eat and chew

some of us died, but we didn't dwindle
for though, we cried, we had a swindle

those beasts would no longer be a burden
they would feed our bellies that would burgeon with new babes

and we set them as slaves to toil
to plant out seed and till our soil

and to the land that gave,
we gave no wage

we may have begged for its mercy before,
but all we had in our hearts was loathing abhor

so land deprived our crops of nutrient
and nature sent out her swarms
so our grain would rot and our fruit fester
t'would take another 6 thousand years,
before we could best her

still our numbers grew as we used our heads,
yet nature had a plan to turn our living dead
there was not one plagued that we could save
she turned our bed into our grave

one thousand years more we struggled
but by that time we had her befuddled

the land, you see, held our fate
so it was the land we planned,
we planned to rape

we drank its veins of black blood bare,
we stripped its bones of minerals rare

this we digested, into our machines
our reapers to harvest brown from green

we bolstered our ranks, and bellies burgeoned with babes
but from natures relent there was few we could save
she had, once more, deployed her disease

but her troops would rend all living into the dead,
even her own minions, it could be said

so what saved her minions from themselves?
see like any general she had a contingency
but her fail safe plan would become her own delinquency

we made her fungi and yeast,

we took her virus prestige
and made a vaccine

and so we bolstered our ranks and our bellies burgeoned with babes

but ours is an empire built with bricks of blood
mortar of steel and corpses locked in mud

ten thousand years of endless war
in our hearts and on our shores

and we never win, we never thrive
we do not live, we just survive

Gaia! old friend... and old foe
we have you pinned down
locked down for the final blow
you brought this on yourself, you tried to kill us!

clearly, destruction is your powerful nexus
but at destruction you could not best us

and if you try once more to put us to rest,
to put us to bed in the cold earth's caress,
we shall have to insist that we end our tryst,
and you and i, the earth and sky
shall live in the bliss of our atomic abyss


  1. Nice post! Following and supporting :D

  2. wow did you actually write this? Beautiful man.

    If you watch the beginning of 2001: A Space Odyssey you will see some interesting symbolism pertaining to this.

  3. Where did you get this from? Hope to hear more poems like this in the future!

  4. definitely not a boring read. haha, sounds like it came out of fallout.

  5. really nice to read hope you post more, following ;)

  6. interesting poeom, continue posting i hope

  7. you proved me wrong it was not a boring read. the comments made it worth it.

  8. Beautiful poem! You have creative talent!

  9. I liked it a lot, good writing.

  10. I enjoyed reading your Poem :)
    How old were you when you wrote it? I hope to see more from you :)

  11. nice poem keep sharing if you wrote more