Saturday, 19 February 2011

On War part 1

Hello again my fellow bloggers. Thanks for all your support in getting this blog up and running,  love the comments.

So far I have covered religion and politics (sort of) so let's discuss war. War in itself, that is, I don't wish to cover the morality or politics of war.

We humans have become  very efficient at killing each other, but while technology certainly aides our endeavours (like blowing each other to smithereens), it can also muddy the waters. Consider the first world war, there was lots of killing but not much ground taken by either side. Why? Because of the technological advances in rifling and the excellent defensive capabilities of trench warfare. When the forces involved are primarily infantry then trenches can stop all but the most overwhelming offensives, hence both the allies and central powers were constantly locked in a stalemate. The best military minds at the time just could not develop a strategy to combat the trench (unless it involved throwing millions of soldiers's lives away).

So strategy and technology share quite a dynamic relationship. What is even more interesting is how in major conflicts some smart bloke always comes out with a genius strategy (sometimes employing new technology) to beat the current winning strategy. And then of course that strategy becomes mainstream and part of the standard rules of war. Anyway, speaking of killing, I hve some zombie killing to do, but i'll be back to finish this post in detail later this afternoon.

In the meantime... What do you think is the standard strategy these days when it comes to modern warfare (not the game :P)


  1. I feel that war is moving in a direction involving less human to human interaction. They now have spy drone planes flown by controls far away.

  2. i read some cool stuff about 5th or 6th gen. fighter jets... they are nuts.

  3. I think war is conducted without bloodshed theese days. cyberwars and stuff is gonna be the new thing. of course I'm not talking about the small scale conflicts that come nations chose to participate in. I'm talking about wars between the superpowers.

  4. Haha, zombie killing is sucking all the will to blog out of me as well.

  5. cyber wars can worse that some wars :S