Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Alright guys, I know I said I would update my blog every day, but I guess I lied.

I had a good reason though, I was babysitting my grandpa all of yesterday. I only just dropped him off at the airport  a couple of hours ago.

It wasn't particularly difficult or arduous, I had my oldest sister there to entertain him too. Actually my sister is the one who conscripted me to help her.

He is getting pretty old now, well into his 80's. Whereas my sister and myself are about a quarter of his age.

It made me think though. See, my grandpa has a lot of grand daughters but only two grandsons with his surname and one of those grandsons is myself. The other one is one of my younger cousins.

So the legacy continues. The females in the family are all doing their part, producing more offspring and spreading the family autosomes and X chromosomes. The latest generation of men in the family are a different story though.
 My cousin hasn't even come of age yet, and as for myself? Well im a blogging bum who has not bred. I am close to the bottom of the socio-economic strata with nobody to carry on my legacy. Lucky for me I still have a few years in me left.
This is in comparison to my old man who is insanely rich. I will never see a cent of it though on account of my stepmum and half sisters. Right now I actually owe my old man money.

I'm long past bitching about such things though. My duty is to accept the reality then work within it to slowly turn my dreams into reality. This is a handicap, nothing more. All it means is that instead of being a multimillionaire with 10 mansions all with extensive seraglios by the age of 40, I will have to content myself a net worth of half a mil with a pretty average house and a bitchy wife.

I couldn't help but feel guilty yesterday though. I am the heir to the family y chromosome and I am struggling. Once my old man has died, I am the dynasty and if I go nowhere with my life the dynasty will be bankrupt. And if I bear no male children the family name dies with me. Unless of course my cousin becomes a tycoon/casanova. I can only hope.


  1. Sounds like a lot of things are ahead of you. Good luck in life!

  2. Great post. Good start man!

  3. Excellent attitude. Move on and prosper. Dwelling will bring you nothing but more dwelling.

    It's difficult being a man. There is a lot of responsibility, a lot of blame and finger pointing (at the man), and barely any recognition.

    Good luck with procreation.