Monday, 21 March 2011

Libya And Japan

First may I just say, that this blog is back!

 And promise to update it daily from now on. Just do me a favour and read it every now and then and comment, so that I know my blog isn't falling on deaf ears :P

So what do Libya and Japan have in common?
Geographically they are on opposite sides of the world, but temporally it is arguably a different story. Both have undergone massive change in a short amount of time.

 That said so have many places in the world, but in Australian News the rebellion in Libya and the Sendai Earthquake/Tsunami (and Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Crisis) have received the most attention.

I have a few strong opinions regarding Libya. 
Firstly, while I empathise with the view that nations should not interfere with the internal affairs of other nations, I do support UN Resolution 1973.
It is not right for us to sit by while people are needlessly killed because of their political views. If the rebels were simply being arrested and imprisoned then I could understand. But killing another human being is a crime against humanity and should not be tolerated, regardless of cultural differences.

When it comes to the earthquake in Japan I have an equally strong view. A lot of people seem to think the Japanese deserved what they got because of the bombing of Pearl Harbour in World War 2.
And it is not just Americans either, I have seen my own fellow countrymen condemn the Japanese on account of their whaling enterprises.

I believe that anyone who can sincerely approve of the deaths of thousands and the dispossesion of millions for ANY reason whatsoever is an insensitive prick. To say the least.


  1. I heard someone saying its karma, quite disappointed in humanity really.

  2. you sir are right on both counts!