Saturday, 3 September 2011

Illegal Immigration

So I'm guessing you guys probably don't follow Australian news... That's okay I don't either. But for some reason I felt compelled to read some news whilst eating my wholegrain uber healthy cereal.

Apparently the Australian Federal government can no longer send refugees to be processed offshore. It's Illegal, just like those damn pesky immigrants. What do I mean by "processed"? I don't actually know. I think processing just involves them sitting around in a detention centre for the rest of their lives but I could be wrong.

So instead they get to sit around all day in an Australian detention centre on the Australian mainland.

I actually have a problem with this. We really should let all of them into the country.

Not that I care about the immigrants, it's just we signed a UN charter a number of years ago saying that we would happily let people in who were seeking asylum. If we renege on that agreement it makes us look bad in the international community. We are setting a bad example.

Instead we should officially take our signature off that document and then shoot all illegal immigrants on site. That's a joke btw. I don't condone genocide.

But we should let the poor bastards in. Perhaps it may make our country a little bit less Aussie and a little bit more Muslim. Maybe they aren't all seeking asyum and some of them are just greedy bastards wanting a cheap holiday in Australia. But the alternative is to let these people suffer. I'm not even talking about their own country. They come here on boats. Boats that don't have enough fuel to make the round trip only one way. Sending them back is sending them to their watery grave.

Now I know some of you will be thinking "yeah but Alex, I don't want Australia to turn into modern day USA full of Mexicans who are taking our jobs". Well the answer isn't to eliminate immigration. No all you Caucasians simply have to outbreed the immigrants and problem solved. Australia remains white.


  1. Singapore is kind of having this problem too. Except that the "real" Singaporeans are pissed that the government is pretty much BEGGING foreigners to come over. Apparently, we, the local Singaporeans, "lack talent."

    It's a lie. I'm sure of it.

  2. If I HAVE to breed more, I guess I will...:D

  3. Xenophobia is running rampant all over the world apparently. Sad.