Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Gay Marriage continued

So last post I put up a link reffering to one of our very own aussie journalists giving some hard core rhetoric regarding gay marriage. I'm not going too far in depth with it, It's not something I'm passionate about. I just don't see why there's any debate over it, it's trivial and why the hell shouldn't two hot lesbian chicks be able to marry each other?

I once saw a comedian explaining his view on the issue. He was completely against gay marriage. His reasoning was that marriage is a horrible institution invented to enslave men; why would we dream of unleashing such horror on gays as well? I laughed.

But I will be honest, I do think it's trivial. As far as I'm concerned marriage is just an extravagant declaration of love and who are we to deny anyone such a right?


  1. Yeah! Who cares if two dudes want to get married!

  2. I totally agree! Here in NZ we have "Civil Union's" which are pretty much just marriages without the religious connotations. It works but i still wish the christian right would leave everyone alone about it and let them just call it marriage...

  3. i think two people of same sex should have the right to marry.

  4. I think it really shouldn't be an option to limit anyone from this. it should be a RIGHT.

    if you don't support it... then don't have a gay marriage? seriously it's literally that simple.