Friday, 22 April 2011

Mandatory Apologetic Blog Post

I must apologise to any of you who visit this blog daily in hopes to see a new blog post daily. I have been slack all week tbh. I was even considering not posting this post now but hey if you guys can bother to keep checking my blog out then i can be bothered posting.

It's been an interesting week for me and also a fun week. When Portal 2 came out I played it nonstop until  finished singleplayer. It was fun but I didn't end up sleeping. I only got home to play it at about 9pm and by the time I got to the final puzzles I was a zombie (perhaps I should have played left4dead 2 instead).

My niece was also on holidays and a friend from Townsville came down for the week. Aforementioned friend is also very big when it comes to gaming so every night for the last week has been gaming night. The game of choice has been starcraft 2.

Last year I played a lot of starcraft 2. mainly team games, but after I got my acheivement and selendis portrait for 750 team game wins I decided to try my hand at the 1v1's as random so I could get the templar decal (to make my nexus look cooler). And so for the few weeks I ground up the ladder, the whole college was filled each night with my screams of anguish, my breaking mice and keyboards but also my loud cries of victory.

In the end I stopped though. I am not sure why, I guess my life was changing at the time and I had more 'lifey' things to worry about. I have been worried since that If I ever tried to go back to the 1's I would have my ass handed to me. So my mate coming down to townsville has been great, I have been able to play my favourite RTS without the stress of 1v1's and fickle partners in the team games.

I do sincerely apologise for the delay in posts. Until next post, en taro easter bunny!

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