Sunday, 10 July 2011

Feedback Post Part 2

I definitely have my work cut out for me. Which is why this may have to be a belated project done in between dozens more on topic posts. And again, if I missed your comment, it's because it left me speechless. :P

Again working in reverse chronological order, the next post was on cybercrime, here's what you guys had to say:

@Phosports      Yes it is.... Not that I have done it <.<.                      .>.>

@Pool Fool  I don't know because I never got to watch it due to the dmca violation :(

@Lemons     You maybe be a cyber criminal on a destructive path to catalyzing the collapse of world media... But I still love all the same :P

@Braumaman       I beg to differ here. I don't like cybermen at all, they keep trying to kill the Doctor :(

@Devour      You and every other Doctor Who nerd. Including some of the fangirls which leads me to question what exactly they intend to do with men who never sleep and run on AA batteries...

The preceding (on topic) post to this was about the Battle of Gaixia. And what did you have to say about this one sided battle...?

@Lemons    A big reason but not the only reason. Let's remember that Chinese dynasty after dynasty had to contend with eunuch advisors who often had more power than the royal family. Given a choice I prefer the monarch with balls, at least you can flash your tits to make them happy. The eunuchs are only in it for power, not the pussies.

@BigMike          Again this just reminds me of those pesky eunuchs. Another reason why they wielded and maintained such influence in China across the millenia is because they tended to make their decisions with a cool head.

@Skeng          Yeah that book can be applied to pretty much any conflict.

@Malkavian      I have made worse decisions when I have had a woman plaguing my thoughts. Well... maybe not quite as bad as getting tens of thousands of men killed

@lacrosseman     In western history books, most certainly. Our books play up the philosophical and technological superiority of the greeks, brag about the military conquests of Ancient Rome but completely forget that China was doing all that better and earlier than us. 

@HiFi          It sure is fun! I'm glad you share my enthusiasm for people killing each other.

And that will do me for the day I think. Thanks for reading and commenting!


  1. Good stuff, love reading your replies

  2. I'm really digging this. Hope you keep doing more, though it seems like a bit of a pain.

  3. You definitely get a lot of action in the comments department! Your posts are great and they get people thinking and talking!

  4. Wow! you put a lot of effort into this, well done, great read.


    That makes me feel happy.