Saturday, 9 July 2011

Feedback Post

Considering my post count is slowly approaching the 3 digit mark, coupled with the fact that I tend to respond to my reader's comments, I think it's about time I gave you guys some of my time. Rest assured, I don't do it to be mean or lazy, it's purely because I find the comments section so much more aesthetically pleasing without my creepy-as-hell avatar showing in it. And no I'm not going to change that.

I also feel rather guilty for being incredibly lazy and getting slack with not only my posts but also commenting on other blogger's posts. Sorry guys. In my defence though, I always reciprocate. So if you need some blogging love from the man of G, you know what to do ;).

In fact I was actually going to procrastinate this post, but with my drinking buddy for the weekend sleeping in my room and letting off cacophonic concussive shells of savage snores.... well... sleep is just going to have to wait.

So here is my cunning plan at giving you wonderful commentators some responses to your opinions. I'm going to work back in reverse chronological order, starting with the last post I wrote and respond to every comment which doesn't consist solely of "great post bro". This is undoubtedly going to take some time, ergo I shall probably do multiple posts.

The most recent post was a where I whaled on Washington for being a war-washout. The most notable comments I found were these two:

@Phosports I am Australian too! Not that I hold your ignorance against you. I'm just a bit of a history nerd, who finds Aussie history so horrendously boring and brief so every now and then I go read about a country which isn't blessed with a short, prosperous and peaceful history.

@Cheshire I feel your pain XD

My penultimate post to that was about Korea. Here's what you guys had to say:

@Lemons I agree with your first 3 paragraphs. The US government does not have its priorities right (although I can't comment on the Obama administration). I would also like to add, that while I loathe nations detrimentally interfering in foreign affairs, I have no problem with nations trying to play world police. It's when they screw up and end up violating human rights and committing genocide that I start shaking my head in disgust. As for China's foreign policy, I have no idea what their intentions are and this scares me a little.

 @Movie68 Me too

@Jamie    Sometimes I find it reassuring, sometimes not. It's an old game of international politics where a nation is generally safe when its neighbours are too preoccupied with other countries to be a threat. That's reassuring. What isn't reassuring is the knowledge that when superpowers go to war the result can be very very ugly (like Hiroshima at th end of World War 2).

@Cheshire      I can't comment on your comment because I couldn't have said it better myself. I wholeheartedly agree.

@Max       A lot of people DO believe that... And a lot of people are wrong. Stalin wasn't planning a war with Germany at the time, but it is widely accepted by historians that both Stalin and Hitler were paranoid. Both of them suspected the other would eventually attack them, it was only a matter of when.

@Braumaman    Me too. I personally want to see something baseketball-esque coming out from them

@Zach     It's a travesty. Its often been said that any society is 3 meals away from revolution. But the North Koreans have undoubtedly missed a lot more than 3 meals. I'm not sure they have the strength to stand up for themselves anymore.

@Neversettleforsecond    The mere fact that while we have had the power to annhilate ourselves and sterilize our planet for over 60 years now and yet we still haven't pressed the red button gives me faith in humanity.

I think that will do for now. Please excuse me while I check that I have done my share of reader reciprocation before I resume attempting to sleep during my mate's snorefest. Oh and thanks for reading :)


  1. Awesome post bro! And its nice of you to recognize them for their comments ") +1 Awesome

  2. your awesome, this is awesome...thats all :)

  3. Its great you spent time checking comments.
    A great feedback, good for you bro!

  4. Yea, hopefully with South Park nearing it's end, they can focus on great political comedies again. Maybe a Team America sequel or maybe even a mockumentary.

  5. really nice post, well done, followed!

  6. Okay, now I feel guilty about not replying my readers' comments. ):

    Thanks for the blog loving. I'm a teeny bit disappointed that you commented on my blog because you "reciprocate" and not because I'm so awesome that my awesomeness warrants a comment.


  7. It's great to see solid reasoning in an argument these days!

  8. Glad to see the user interaction gman!

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