Monday, 9 May 2011

Blog Update

Greetings again, my readers, it has felt like an eternity since I blogged last. And the view count seems to reflect that too, before my hiatus my views we're getting quite high and now they are non existent. Oh well, it happens.

Let me explain what happened. Currently I am living with my sister. Not my parents. Not my parent's basement, just my sister in a friendly fraternal arrangement. Or so I thought...

Then the unexpected happened. MY worst nightmare came true. After trying to frantically (and legally) download the first season of No Ordinary Family, I finally stepped over the fine internet qouta line. Realizing we were capped and that she was unable to efficiently play her plethora of facebook games, in her rage she cut the household tubes. No internet for ~4days.

It has been unbearable. I have only survived by utilising my emergency cache of anime, tv series and movies.

But now that my sister and I have resolved our differences and the internet is back and uncapped, I can get back to blogging. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  1. aww at least yo gut it back :)

  2. damn that must have sucked, i feel sorry for you. great that your back on tho!

  3. Well a welcome back is in order I see

  4. damn bro...that's one crazy sister
    seriously dawg...switch to flat rate

  5. lol at previous comments. Welcome back :)