Wednesday, 18 May 2011

First Cause Argument Continued

I was going to post this earlier, but dinner preparations have delayed me. For some reason, after successfully making uber gigantic cupcakes by bastardising  Margaret Fulton's recipe, I am the cook of the house. Little did they know that I had prepared for them a meal greasier than the two fat ladies on cannabis.

 The Gman's Cupcakes of Doom. Guaranteed to send Maggie Fulton mad with anguish at what has become of her recipe...

I got a lot of interesting comments last post. I definitely stirred up the hive, and I think I may have not done the topic justice. Civilization has forever been perplexed by this puzzle and so it deserves some more time (for all those muso's and hypnosis guros out there... see what I did there?).

I digress. It's a topic most people don't want to discuss but that is the purpose of this blog really, to discuss what every non-indoctrinated free thinker does not want to discuss

Just like Cheshire commented on my last post, Big-Bangers and Creationists are very much alike.
They are both locked in an impasse when it comes to disproving the other.

In light of the other comments, perhaps the question that should be asked is whether the first cause argument has any merit anymore. The Big Bang's premise is that time existed when space existed, asking what happened before the big bang makes no sense and as for God, God lives outside of time. If we assume these to be true then the first cause argument falls flat on it's face and does not argue for or against anything. It still does not stop Christians from using it though.

Reflecting on my last post, I think I have willingly fallen into the age old trap that Dawkins refers to as the argument from "personal incredulity". I want String Theory to be true because a timeless god makes about as much sense as an event with no cause.


  1. That you are able to recognise flaws in your own argumentation is impressiv.

  2. I gotta be honest with you I just want some cupcakes now!

  3. Are you sure Zach? These are no ordinary cupcakes...

    they are MONSTERS!

  4. Nice post mate.

    Very interesting what you said about how space and time were created simultaneously but then God is meant to live outside of time. Perhaps that means they aren't mutually exclusive (big bang and creationism). Personally, I've never given it any thought. Too much time is spent looking at where we come from when we need to look at where we're going.

  5. i want some cupcakes with cannabis 2 :<

  6. These kinds of arguments/posts/discussions will always yield the same results. Everyone is stuck in their beliefs and no one will change.

  7. You always have to defend your rights! Good post.

  8. Those cupcakes look really good right.. especially since i've been coding last 6 hours and haven't eaten at all lol

  9. Those cupcakes look old and moldy :(

  10. gotta love studying physics in university. it's also conjectured that due to the immense size of the universe, that there must be areas with 'local gods', beings in areas of space where the laws of physics are able to be bent, which is a pretty cool thought if you ask me.

  11. I used to drive myself crazy and depressed by questioning myself about such things...
    Because you know? If there was a beginning and that we're meant to head somewhere, I want to do what I should do with my life.

    That left me in despair of an irrefutable answer that I could follow...

    I ended up accepting that it's impossible to find the answer to these existential questions while we are "here"... so in the mean time... we might as well do whatever with our lives... because all is equally valid in front or equally (in)valid answers to these life questions...

  12. Regarding string theory, did you hear about that recent finding that electrons aren't irregularly shaped... apparently that's incompatible with current string theories :O