Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Gman on Drugs RePost -because I hate having a temporal anomaly at the top of my blog.

No, I'm not on drugs. No, seriously, I'm not.

The Gman on Drugs
OK, maybe I indulge in caffeine and ethanol a little bit but I am not on drugs, thanks for misinterpreting the title of this post.

This post is my opinions on the decriminalization and demonizing of drugs in our serendipitous society.

That's right, you heard me, I am all for drugs being decriminalized (or rather, legalized). And my reasoning for this is NOT BECAUSE I AM A DRUG ADDICT, MMMMKAYY?

No, I have several logically sound and understandable reasons for supporting the legalization of drugs. Perhaps not all drugs, I am willing to make concessions. But there is something seriously wrong with our society if we persecute Bill and Ben the flower pot men, when Benson and Hedges are killing millions, one Marlboro at a time.

Which is the other way we could go... Criminalize every drug there is. I don't think this is the solution either because it would fuel the criminal underworld as they make more and more money off the lucrative drug trade.

Legalizing drugs serves several purposes:

Firstly, it eliminates all drug related profits that fund organized crime.

Secondly, government regulation means that drugs can have quality control. This WILL save lives. Currently, street drugs have all kinds of nasties in them. If the drug doesn't kill then that Arsenic in your "H" will.

Don't misunderstand me, there are plenty of additives to cigarettes and they are legal, but any man or woman can go to a tobacconist and acquire some additive free pipe tobacco. (Although I would be much happier if they just banned those additives all together).

My last and final reason is that legalizing all drugs eliminates the current hypocrisy that I mentioned before. What hypocrisy? The fact that harmless drugs like Lysurgic Acid and Cannabis are illegal but harmful drugs such as Alcohol and Nicotine are readily available. For the record I don't think alcohol is that bad although this is because I am a shameless alcoholic.

Nicotine certainly is is bad though. And LSD and THC (active ingredient in cannabis, along with a few other chemicals) have no detrimental long term or short term effects. If you disagree, then please post me an abstract of a scientific paper that supports your view, because I have searched and searched and found no journal papers to contradict my views. In my honest opinion, the prohibition of hallucinogens and cannabinoids was a knee jerk reaction by western governments at a time of political conservatism.

There is one danger of decriminalizing drugs; it will make drugs readily available. As if they are not readily available already....

Again, though, I am willing to make a concession here. First option is just to decriminalize but not legalize hardcore drugs (ie, using the drug is legal but selling it is not) and legalizing the softer drugs. The other option I am more than happy with is to prohibit all nicotine related products and legalize pot, acid, dmt and the other soft drugs whilst keeping all the other hardcore drugs illegal.

Perhaps you don't agree with such a decision, that's okay. But I think we can all agree that drug abusers need to be treated as victims, not criminals. Unless they are addicted to WOW. In which case they are criminals.

Anyway, I shall leave you with my vain and futile attempts at creating an anti drug ad using only fraps, fallout new vegas and ms paint, enjoy.

That hot jet black blazoned ballistic-fisted bitch is my beloved Sarah. She is level 18 and spends her time fisting deathclaws and lezzing out with Veronica.


  1. hey i agree with you however, if you are or arent on drugs really has no impact on my opinion of you. well i suppose that depends on how you handle yourself

  2. i'll have what u're having lol

  3. Seeing as I'm a TOTALLY Christian girl and everything, I haven't consumed anything more harmful than Skittles. So tack that onto my impressive list of things I Haven't Done. (Including blow jobs. DANG.)

    But anyway, I agree with you about the legalizing of drugs, although I think that whether drugs are legalized or not, people will still obtain drugs via illegal means, because purchasing drugs from legal sources will probably reduce the amount you can consume at a given time.

    Like, enough to lift you out of depression, but not enough to give you a high so glorious you practically had an orgy with Gandhi. (Just guessing.)

  4. People label me as a straight edge since I don't drink nor do I plan to smoke anything. While I would consider doing any drug out there, I fully support other people's desires to use them. Live and let live, I guess? I'd even dare say it would be pretty cool if marijuana was legalized.

  5. This blog confused me! Interesting read none-the-less ^.^

  6. i agree with u to some extent! not all drugs should be legalized as some are very harmful and addictive.

  7. I think legalizing some drugs would definitely generate revenue for our economy.

  8. I think if the government took over production of drugs they could sell it for more

  9. I think the fact that marijuana is illegal is a freaking joke

  10. I heard some words of wisdom a few years back, "Your crazy if your 26 and hadnt tried any drugs but you are Crazier still if your over 26 and you still do Drugs."

  11. I gotta agree with Lemons Don't Make Lemonade. She took the words right out of my mouth.

  12. What does it say about me that I saw the fuzzy picture and knew exactly what game it was right off? Love that game.

  13. how does legalizing drugs take away profit from people selling it illegally? if America legalizes all drugs then the people selling them now will make more more money because they wouldnt have to worry about police and snitches, and if its legalized more people would be tempted to take it, hence: more profit for them.

  14. Actually, lucas, the criminalization of narcotics drives up the price tenfold. Legitmization would solve this.
    Very well informed original post.

  15. I go with Zach who says "I think the fact that marijuana is illegal is a freaking joke". I do believe that there is a conspiracy there. The big pharma corps would lose a LOT of profit was marijuana to be legalized. Can you imagine the amount of painkillers and anti-depressants that people would not buy if they could consume weed instead? Yeah... The big pharma HATES the idea.

    I fucking hate them.