Thursday, 5 May 2011

Why I hate Trump... part 2

Ok, so as soon as i posted Snoop Dogg and bragged about being a successful blog pimp, my daily views crashed back down to 800. Ok guys, I get the point. I promise I won't post Snoop Doggy dog again. I should also add in my defense that I don't even like him, his pic just came up in the first 20 images of a google image search for "pimp" and his was arguably the best of the miserable lot.

Anyway, so before I got side tracked, I posted about how much I hate trump and how bad he will be to America if he ever gets into power.

I also discussed how he might resolve the budget deficit. Let's analyze how he might do this. Now Trump has already stated that he won't raise taxes, which makes our analysis easy. First of all may I present to you two pretty graphs I fetched from wikipedia which they in turn nicked from CBO Historical Tables, which they got from the government i guess, maybe it was the fraser report. I don't know, but if you do not trust wiki on this one then tell me and I will get off my lazy ass and get you a better sourced graph.

Notice that the the US government lost 1294 billion dollars last year. Unless some dramatic policy or crisis changes the revue and expenditure affects America this year, the figure will remain roughly the same, with the exception of the interest on the debt which will increase, but for all intents and purposes let's pretend it won't change.

Trump says he won't raise taxes so that means only expenditure is fair game. Ok so what they hell is discretionary? Presumably it is money that is spent on whatever the US government wants to at the time, which means it is not mandatory, so we can take that piece of the pie chart and eat it. This effectively halves the deficit, leaving us with a deficit of 634 billion. Great, but the public debt is still increasing at a rapid rate, even though the deficit has been halved.

I'm going to assume that "other mandatory" is indeed mandatory, but even if that was reduced down to zero there would still be a deficit of ~200billion, which is still quite unacceptable if one ever wants to catch up with the 14.25 trillion dollar US government debt.

Which leaves 3 more options (on top of the aforementioned eliminating discretionary spending) to reduce the deficit down to zero or lower (thereby making it a surplus):
1. completely disband the military, this will give a very modest surplus. note that cuts to the defense budget just won't cut it, the military has to be majorly downsized into practically nothing in order to give even a small surplus.
2. eliminate medicare and medicaid OR reduce the expenditure on these programs by ~80% (I cbf doing the math but I know it's somewhere around that figure)
3. halve spending on both medicare and medicaid

Notice that reducing funding to social security isn't feasible because social security also provides 40% of the government's revenue.

So what is it going to be Trump? Are you going to eliminate welfare in America or are you going to leave the US and all of it's citizens defenseless? Or both?

Personally I think it would be just a hell of a lot easier to raise corporate taxes... Which we all know that Trump is never ever going to do.


  1. I don't and can't claim to know a lot about American politics. What I do know from seeing Donal Trump on the television is that he is most certainly not capable of running a nation.

    It seems like he's just doing what Arnold did - going from showbiz into politics but he's trying to one up him.

    You can also bet your bottom dollar that he'll raise taxes even if he says he won't just because his expenses will be so massive what with all the reforms the republicans want to bring in.

  2. Trump is a tard and I hated him as soon as he was doubting the president's birth certificate.

  3. i would leave America if trump was ever in power

  4. We'll never do #1. America prides itself on spending more money on their military than every country in the world combine. Shit sucks.

  5. politics has always interested me, but when I started caring about it, it just made me depressively sad because, knowing that I couldnt change anything, this shit just dragged me down. All this fucked up, dumb stuff happening ruined my days, so I stopped caring..

  6. Actually i think everyone hopes for a financial cut of army's founds but for such a militarized state it's kinda unlikely.

  7. considering almost all of our industries rely on the military, that would be a massive hit to the economy and flood the job market

  8. nah.. don't vote trump if it gets to that

  9. I disagree with you, probably because how we view economics is totally opposit. Im a big fan of Hayek, and I will guess you follow Keyens? I will cut the spending, you will drug the economy.

  10. This whole society is build on depts, in Europa too. I find it is a pretty fragile base.

  11. If trump won the presidency, I'd be very worried.

  12. I think the two party system is the cancer of American politics.

  13. That's the price of depts based society.