Saturday, 14 May 2011

Pre Emptive Post

So by popular demand looks like I'm going to do a post about Georgy Zhukov. But not this post.
This post I would like to reflect on your feedback and tell you a personal anecdote. So sit down, get yourself some popcorn and relax.

But do me a favor guys, please don't post "nice post" or "nice blog". If you going to comment then make it worthwhile and tell me what you like about the post. Or better yet, tell me what you don't like. I'm not adverse to constructive criticism, only destructive witticisms...

AS for the rest of you... I love you like Ronald McDonald loves children. :D

Some readers have taken an interest in my interest in starcraft. Starcraft is an awesome game, which I am somewhat addicted to, much to my dismay and I do think it reflects some aspects of warfare. But guys, no matter what you do, do not share this sentiment with the defense force

See, once upon a time I applied to BE an army officer. So I went in there and aced the aptitude test so hard that immediately every single job in the deference force was an option. Then I got to the interview, and me being naive and stupid at the time answered his question of "why do you want to be an army officer?" with "I have a deep interest in history and play a lot of RTS games and I'm sick of being an online general, I want to be a REAL general." As soon as I said it I couldn't help but notice the sergeant's face contort has he struggled not to burst out laughing at my own stupidity.

He said to me: "Kid, war ain't a game. You are not officer material"

My heart was broken. On the plus side, though, I'm not being shot at or being held responsible for thousands of casualties.

So guys, if you ever do apply to be an officer, just say you're doing it out of patriotic zeal.


  1. Yeah its different than a video game thats for sure...

  2. It's pretty sad how little we know about Russian generals. Most people can name at least one or two American or English generals but no Russian.

  3. there's such thing as patriotic zeal?? i think your mistake was probably mentioning videogames period, the man HATES videogames.

    FIGHT THE MAN! lol

  4. "I love you like Ronald McDonald loves children"

    Shit my pants, and still laughing.

  5. @sildude I totally agree.

    Great post as usual Gman :)