Tuesday, 24 May 2011

On Gender Online

You can thank the feminine commentators on my blog for this post. Once it got over 20% and after reading Erika's post on Girl On The Internet Syndrome (the web's version of mesothelioma), I felt obliged to post.

First let me give you my honesty on the matter. Girls on the internet scare me. After years of persuading women IRL that I am not a keyboard jockey, I find it disturbing that there are women who would claim that they ARE keyboard jockeys... Do they have no libido? Has evolution granted them an uber-libido that makes them want to sleep with the internet as well? Or perhaps they are just male to female transsexuals in need of some loving. That must be it.

I baulk at the sight of innocent men pandering to the effeminate side of humanity online. That includes me too. There is something wrong about it. How easily men sell their soul to someone they have never met and never will.

So how does all this relate to war, religion and politics?

It relates to all three. In a sense there is the age old battle of the sexes being waged online. Men worshiping the fabled GOTIS is a religion and gender politics is exactly that.

I am not sure how much of a war it is though... It seems rather one sided. In the male dominated forums, white knights protect the few females and in the female dominated forums, the few men there are gay.

Perhaps I over exaggerate.

I do think it is wrong to put women on a pedestal. It is degrading to the man doing so and in the long run it only hurts both parties. It is expectancy theory. If everyone expects you to be a genius then you will be a genius, if everyone expects you to be a man, you will be a man, but if everyone expects you to be a princess... Then you will be a princess... Until you finally wake up to the reality that you are just another woman living in a cruel world that only values you for your vagina.

So guys, I ask you. Please treat women the same way you would treat a man. If that means verbally abusing them and accusing them of being a 40 year old virgin then so be it. Because they deserve to be recognized solely on their merit, nothing else.


  1. Girls.... on the internet?!!

  2. It's difficult to resist the GOTIS; but one must.

  3. There are no girls on the internet! You should know this by now! :D

  4. @Zach and Greg: This is why the post is named "on Gender Online", the female gender isn't exclusive to girls :P

  5. To the women...there are two options...


  6. very interesting
    gregory- not true about no girls on the internet


    And I agree with it, although I can't say that I don't want special treatment once in a while. ;)


    Okay, so maybe I don't have boobs, but...I'M STILL GROWING. Right.

    Jokes aside, meritocracy is the way to go. We aren't just sex organs or reproduction tools.

    GO, WOMAN.

  8. I actually do Treat women exactly as i treat men, Specially over the internet, i consider there are no Women on the internet so i address everyone as DUDE or GUY. Curious fact of my life, I met my girlfriend when i was Wasted on tequila and other stuff and in my intoxicated stated i went over to her and said to her. "I WOULD F"#$CK YOU BUT I RESPECT YOU TOO MUCH TO DO SO" i said that to her about 5 to 9 times "I dont remember much about that night..." 3 years and counting shes my Gal.

  9. I love this blog post, if only it had the power to change the entire internet community, you'd be a god damn hero.

    Sadly, the battle against white knights continues...

  10. Interesting idea, but there are no girls on the internet

  11. I'm pretty much sure they are all treated the same way no?

  12. I really don't think there are girls on the internet.

  13. It's an interesting notion; however I'd leave this one to the shrinks lol.

  14. I actually found it really interesting that a lot of females do in fact blog and want to network via blogging. I think 10% of my 400 followers are female.

  15. Tbh, if women want equality they have to deal with whatever comes their way.
    I don't mean physically because in reality a woman can't reach the same physical strength as a man (simply because our testosterone levels are higher - that's a medical fact before someone get's angry at me over the internet).
    They should get paid the same as us, but in sports like tennis where they play fewer sets etc why should they get paid the same amount? They're doing less for it.
    In bodybuilding I don't see why they earn a tiny fraction of what the men earn - other than female bodybuilders looking very unattractive and thus there being no sponsor money.
    I'm sure I'm going off on one here lol

  16. girls on the internet? who gave them the password?

  17. thats the problem with woman on the internet. I mean there are as many woman as men and they have equal rights to use the internet as they please