Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Trumping Obama

So this week/last week has been quite eventful for American politics. Normally I try to ignore American politics, because like Australian politics it often boils down to the choice between a turdburger and a giant douche (to loosely quote south park). But trying to stop yourself from eavesdropping on your neighbour's plans to build a nuclear bomb in their backyard when you already know they have yellowcake sitting on their kitchen bench is just impossible.

I digress.

So apparently Trump has his eyes set on becoming president and has for a while. My opposing thoughts on this fall into two categories. Personal reasons and logical reasons.

Let's start with with the fiery personal reasons which are based on unsubstantiated opinion.

Firstly, Trump is ugly.

Secondly he represents the diseased baby boomer generation who got US into this mess.His aura is that of the now poisoned american dream of making it to the top no matter the cost and no matter how many people you hurt in order to get there.

Thirdly his name gives me the creeps. His name is the name of that old fat guy who always beats you at 500 and bridge and rubs it in every time.

And lastly, he plays too dirty for my liking. I have to ask myself "what kind of man implies another man is an alien?". I think Obama took the issue surprisingly well. I know if my nationality was under question, I would be thinking some serious violence was in order.

The question of who should be head of state should come down to merit and competency, not filthy mud slinging.

But that's all opinion based on my dislike for the man.

So let's try and look at things more logically. The biggest issue for America at the moment is it's economy. Donald Trump seems just the man for the job right? He is a businessman after all, so he knows all about the economy and making money.

Well maybe he is... but just how does he plan on eliminating America's budget deficit (how much money the government loses each year) AND tackle the whopping public debt AND sort out America's trade deficit when he says he will not raise taxes? Where is the money going to come from?

Maybe he will cut down on welfare and make huge spending cuts. That will make sense, but then again it's important to question where he will make said cuts so he is not shortchanging America's future.

Anyway I'll leave the post here on account of being busy with socialising etc. but this is a topic I will return to...

But just think to yourself... how exactly will he fix the economy? Show us the money Mr Trump!


  1. I'm sure he'll try really really hard and make important sounding speeches.

  2. Trump is a tard and I enjoyed Obama subtly trolling Trump in his speech the other day.

  3. He might do a good job in fixing the American economy, sure, but then what? A President is not only an economist. What the fuck does he know about foreign relations? On warfare? If he takes his ruthless-ultra-capitalist stance on those two, it could get dangerous.

  4. From what I have understood, is Trump one of the "cut the spending" politicians, which I think is the only solution to the economic problems of our country.

  5. its really big task to fix economical situation

  6. No one, including Trump can beat a Kenyan in a race.

  7. Trump running for President. What a humorous concept.

  8. I currently am undecided on who I will vote for due to the nature of everyone sucking

  9. And yet he's polling near the top of potential Republican candidates. Speaks to how much they could use a strong leader.

  10. i really enjoyed reading this post. and idk i don't think a hate trump as much as u do but i definitely do not think he is fit to be our president.

  11. Trump as president, no. Trumps hair as president, yes.

  12. The Republicans seem to think that cuts to spending will solve all our problems, but that's only one side of the equation. If we ever want to lower the deficit, we need to have a source of income as well... Personally, I think Mr. Trump and his millionaire/billionaire friends can afford to pitch in a little more for the betterment of the country.